Sparkling Matter

Sparkling Matter is an investigation through stages of consciousness, sound and matter, focused on the exploration of sleep and dreams in ephemeral and material forms. Is the result of Nasini’s research in between sound, technologies and neuroscience to scan and transform into
sound and substance the brain weaves radiated while dreaming.

“In 2016 this project was presented in Milan at Marsèlleria and Clima Gallery. I exhibited an initial series of sculptures made with the data from REM activity, as well as a performance (sleep concert): a person slept inside the space of Marsèlleria while the public was able to listen in real time to the harmonies generated from sleep and the sleeper’s dreams for the entire night.

A second presentation took place in January 2017 at the Galleria Nazionale di Roma. With Notturno Smarrito, I repeated the night-long performance, and developed a circular audio system of 12 independent speakers reproducing an ideal perimeter of the brain. Each speaker was associated with a different electrode of the EEG connected to the sleeper, creating a spatial view of the synapses and cerebral connections that occur during the various stages of sleep. Thus the generated sounds became a three-dimensional environment, wherein the audience could navigate into.

Sparkling Matter was the winner of the Talent Prize 2016 and it was shown at MACRO, Rome.

I will continue to present new stages of the project in March at Marsèlleria’s brand new space in New York and in May at Palazzo Fortuny during the opening days of the Venice Biennale 2017.”

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