Untitled Flow

Text by Saverio Verini

A monitor, connected to a computer with internet access day and night shows a facebook page that is constantly being updated. It belongs to a “group”-. as they say in social media jargon – from the evasive name, formed by a likewise unclassifiable ensemble of poets, artists, writers and photographers. It is them together with the creator of the project, Matteo Nasini, who have put together Untitled Flow, a platform that is literary and at the same time artistic and visual. Nasini’s contribution highlights his own formalisation through the use of common elements, which could be considered almost banal such as a monitor (reminding us of the television screens that were always turned on in the shop windows of electronic stores, typical of the Eighties) and a Facebook page (an interface that we’re all familiar with now). In the opening days of Nuova Gestione, camouflaged behind these elements, Untitled Flow has become the place in which the contributions of the artists invited by Nasini converge: a mosaic of poems, drawings, short texts and photographs that see in Casal Bertone . in its streets and its history . the main source of their inspiration. The “talking” shop window becomes a sort of amplifier for the neighbourhood, astracting it (thanks to the artistic and poetic incursions of the artists, for the most part a result of strolling through the streets of Casal Bertone approaching almost a form of situationist détournement) and dematerialising it (through its diffusion on social media sites making it possible for the project to reach viral levels). Lacking any attempt for retoric or to instruct, United Flow is a multi-faceted view that invites each passerby to take stock of what surrounds them, a portrait that is fragmented, uncertain and simple, like the network through which the work crosses; an untitled flow – almost a freestyle rap – that will find its own incarnation in a publication with the selection of the contributions posted, moving from the virtuality of digital to the materiality of paper. In an attempt to tell, as Georges Perec wrote in 1975, “what you generally don’t notice, what you don’t see, what isn’t important, what happens when nothing happens leaves only the passing of time, of people, of cars and of the clouds”

Nuova Gestione